See beyond your customers' problems

Clairvoyance enables businesses to deliver a superior support experience to mobile users when it matters most.

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Exceed user expectations

Clairvoyance features assist your customer experience and engineering teams with providing better support to your mobile users:


See your users' mobile phone screen in real time and assist them with troubleshooting.

Intelligent error resolution

Resolve issues quickly by leveraging suggested resolution paths.

Device metrics collection

Get a full picture into your app's state through device instrumentation and data gathering.

User action tracking

Understand how your users interact with your application by retracing their actions.


Add the Clairvoyance mobile component to your iOS or Android app and upload it to Google Play or the App Store.


Add the Clairvoyance integration to your helpdesk web application (eg.: Zendesk or Intercom).

Track & monitor

Analyze a snapshot of all your issues using our online dashboard. Get insights and reproduce bugs reliably.

Help & remediate

Provide support to users in realtime and fix issues quickly and with confidence.


We are a team of motivated entrepreneurs based in Seattle, WA.
Our mission is to create, innovate, and help connect the world.

Julia Gall

Co-founder Marketing & Communications

Ben Fisher

Co-founder Business Development

Felipe Lima

Co-founder Software Engineer

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Clairvoyance helps businesses improve the customer support experience for their mobile users by providing a set of tools to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues with their mobile applications.